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3 Products which Make It Easier to Handle and Transport Material

Logistics and product delivery companies and several other types of businesses must transport items to and from different locations on a regular basis. To do this, they need to hire workers with the strength to load, unload and carry packages. They also need to acquire and maintain vehicles which allow them to move materials over longer distances.

However, companies often need more tools than manpower and trucks. Here are three products which make it easier for people to transport heavy, cumbersome material:

1) Dollies

Warehouses rely on dollies to move objects which may be too big or too heavy for people to lift. There are different kinds of dollies, which have different capabilities. Pallet dollies, for example, are platforms with rollers on their sides. They enable people to transport heavy material without using a forklift. Some recent pallet dolly models also have pierced frames or towing hitches, which let people pull their material with a handle or tugger.

2) Hand Trucks

A hand truc…